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Vehicle Relocation


The least expensive way to move your entire household is to pack and load your own ocean container. You pack and load yourself, while we arrange transportation from your residence.

You can pack and box all your household goods and personal effects and assume a major portion of the responsibility for the success of the move, knowing that everything is properly packed and ready for loading. Who else is better qualified to handle your belongings with the care that you can provide?

3CCS.Panafa will deliver an exclusive 20' or 40' container to your home and you can load the household items into the container by yourself or with the help from local labor or helpful friends. We than ship your container overseas, arrange customs clearance and deliver the container to your new home for you to unload. If you don't feel comfortable to pack, load or unload you can always have a local moving company do the task and still enjoy significant savings.

  • Cost Savings
  • You Pack & Unload Your Belongings
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Exclusive Container
  • Door-to-Door Transport
  • No Unloading into storage


When you make loading plans, please keep in mind that the container is loaded on a chassis. The door opening will be about 4ft high off the ground. When loading a container on a public road or private community, please check with local police, community center and your city, if a permit is required.

For customer service issues, please call us at:
Austria: 0676-922 31 37
Outside Austria: +43-676 922 31 37

Vehicle Transport

Vehicle Transport

3Continents Shipping Service.Panafa has been a recognized als provider of industry's most advanced technology, superior service, and quality solutions in following transportations of cars, trucks and heavy equipment. Our experienced professionals are at your service to choose the right equipment storage and routing for your vehicle. You can choose to ship your vehicle on special auto carrier vessels (RO/RO) or inside a shipping container as described below:

  • Vehicle transport via auto carrier Roll On / Roll Off(Ro/Ro Shipment)
  • Roll-On, Roll-Off also known as RO/RO was an innovation that evolved from ferries and now is revolutionizing the vehicle transport industry worldwide. Ro/Ro ships carry a wide variety of rolling and non-rolling cargo including cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment, and project cargo. The cargo is driven on to (rolled on) the vessel and then simply driven off (rolled off) at the destination port. Cars are protected from the elements in enclosed car decks and are secured by straps and chocks. Service frequency is usually once or twice a month and the transit time is sometimes longer than container vessels, but there can be useful cost savings on some routes over container shipment.

  • Vehicle transport via container
  • For a more individualized way to ship your vehicle, our partners offer you the choice of shipping it in a private container, which will give you the security of having your vehicle travel inside a sealed, metal container. Your car will be secured within the container with straps and wheel chocks to hold it in place, and will stay inside the locked container which will only be opened once it has reached the destination port.

    Container services could be shared from several locations between the USA, Germany, the Netherlands etc. Your car is loaded into the container together with another vehicle, sharing freight costs and saving you money. Other goods (baggage, personal and household effects, and furniture) could then be loaded in the rest of the container.

  • Heavy Equipment transport


Cars can be transported in containers or on a Roll on/Roll off - vessel. Most cars are shipped on this Ro/Ro ships, that's much cheaper than transport in a container.

Roll on/Roll off Shipment:

Worldwide most of the cars are shipped on so called Ro/Ro vessels which function just like ferry boats. These are special ships that were solely built to transport cars and no passengers. Each has a capacity of thousands of cars which are driven on and off board. That means somebody of the ship's crew or harbour workers are driving the cars on and off the boat. These shipping lines are specialized in this kind of transport and generally no problems or dents occur. Ro/Ro shipment is the cheapest way to ship a car. Some ports are not equipped with the ramps to unload such car carrier vessels. Ro/Ro shipment is not available for every destination! But this kind of transportation also bears some risks:

Container shipment

  • Habour workers drive the car from the pier into the ship. In some ports cars are even loaded by fork lifts. At the port of destination other people will drive the cars off the boat. Cars can be damaged during the loading and unloading.
  • Cars are parked extremely close to each other on the boat and they are fastened by heavy chains to the deck. This can result in dents and scratches.
  • The ship's journey will follow more or less a fixed schedule and it will stop at different ports. Cars will be loaded and unloaded at every place. Many different people are on the boat during such stops, and things might get stolen from inside the cars.
  • For some reasons cars can be parked at the port of destination for several days. Port authorities are unable to watch the cars. Things can be stolen from or out of the cars.

Please note: Brand-new cars and cars younger than 4 years can be transported on the “new car deck” of a ro/ro vessel. That cost more, but this deck is locked during the passage, every car is fastened to the deck and at the ports during loadig somebody will watch this deck. Ask your shipping agent for “high value shipment”.

Container shipment:
Container shipment A 20 ft Container (approx. 6 Meter long) can hold one normal passenger car. A 40 ft container (approx. 12 m) can hold two cars of average size or even three very compact cars.

  • Cars transported in containers must be securely fastened in the containers to avoid damages in cases of rogh weather conditions during the transport on the boat. The fastening services are at extra charge and are generally not included in the quotes for freight rates you might receive!
  • Container shipment is safe and perhaps the best way to ship a car, because the container will be filled, locked and sealed in Germany and will not be opened until it reached its destination.
  • Normally a container contains goods destinated for some country and after delivers it is loaded with other goods to the next destination. Most African countries do not export many goods, meaning that many containers must be transported back to the last port empty. That is one reason why container shipment is more expensive that shipment on a ro/ro ship. It is much cheaper to ship a containers from Europe to Asia than to most African ports.
  • Shipment of a car in a container to a West African port cost approx. Euro 2.500 to 3.000 including packing (fastening of the car) and Hamburg harbour charges.

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