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Soon or later when you decide to have a trip at your country in Africa, you will need a private car to boot your freedom in moving in your town and around.

Even when one desires to have a modest journey at home, say to avoid exporting a car, the real situation of the lack of appropriate public transportations won’t allow it.Therefore, the best choice is to ship your own car for accommodating your stay of few weeks. This car when carefully kept, you could used the next time you travel back home.

Service.Panafa, the Panafa's 3Continents shipping service

In order to assist you for exporting your cars, moving container, etc. to Africa, Panafa has put in place a full service in Europe and USA. Full service means that the service offered is extended from buying a car to it's export to your country in Africa.

Even in some country like Ivory Coast and Ghana (for now) the clearing goods is part of our service. In this case, one will just collect his car's keys at our local partner.

For customer service issues, please call us at:
Austria: 0676-922 31 37
Outside Austria: +43-676 922 31 37

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