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Africa's lost Leaders, victim of the European barbarism, imperialism and criminal wars since over 500 years.

Why This is Not Jesus and Why it Matters
The cartoon was published in 1902 in an English magazine Punch and depicts the horror inflicted upon the Congolese people under the tyranny of King Leopold II of Belgium.

The Hearts Of Darkness...
Why This is Not Jesus and Why it Matters
No Comments! But as African you should just ask the European next to you, whether barbarism is part of their so called civilization and democracy.
Why This is Not Jesus and Why it Matters
Native Congolese hold the severed hands of those punished by mutilation for failing to gather enough rubber while the White Belgian looks on.

Be Aware That

  • Imperialism and colonialism are killing Africans
  • France is Hitler Germany in Africa
  • Leopold II of Belgium was an Hitler in Africa
  • Stand Up For Africa Now
  • Francafrique is a Pest in Africa
  • Again Africom and Western Blooshed Imperiallism in Africa
  • The Euro-American Songs of Racism, War and White Supremacy
Andre Gide
1869-1951 1928, Voyage
au Congo

Moins le blanc est intelligent, plus le noir lui parait bête.

The less intelligent the white man is, the more stupid the black man appears to him.

Open Your Mind

Nkosi Sikeli And Malaika

The Truth Seeker

 Stand up against the crucifiction of Africans savers since Jesus Christ
 Remember:  Christ, Lumumba, Gbagbo, Steve Biko, Nkrumah, Sankara, Cabral, Dessalines, Shaka, Machel, Kimbangu...
 Africa is the most vulnerable region in USA and European's warpath, keeping their grip on it...
 The white supremacy still able getting African puppets for its dirty jobs...
Zombies actually exist, denizens of a capitalist system in terminal decline, but not yet dead...
Kagame, The Genocidaire & Agent of CIA
Hugo Chavez has won six more years as president of Venezuela and a model for standing up to the United States
 ICC has dedicated it's resources to the exclusive task of prosecuting Africa, actively plotting imperial wars on the continent
 African Traitors on World's Conspiracy against Africa
 Euro-USA strategy to divert & control Arab World through an armed alliance with Muslim fighters
 Fights For Oil is decimating World's Population: Ivory Coast, Syria, Libya, Congo, Iraq, Palestin
 USA, UN, Europe, Canada, Holland & Allies are now programmed to intensively lust for African Blood

African Fashion: Africa's Changing the textile industry

The Nobel Peace Prize at the service of imperialism

In one of our French columns, Domenico Losurdo denounces the Nobel jury’s use of the peace prize to bolster the imperialist agenda. A mere glance at the most recent laureates reveals the systematic character of this manipulation.

Nobel Peace Prize recipients after 9/11
2010 - Liu Xiaobo

To increase pressure on China.

2009 - Barack Obama
2008 - Martti Ahtisaari

For having derailed the negotiations with Serbia and justified the Kosovo war.

2007 - GIEC et Al Gore

For having invented the millenium bug and legitimized the marketing of the environment and the trade of CO2 emissions.

2006 - Muhammad Yunus et la Grameen Bank

For cashing in on poverty by lending to the destitute at interest rates twice those of the market.

2005 - AIEA et Mohamed ElBaradei

For having neutralized Hans Blix and cleared the way for the war against Iraq.

2004 - Wangari Muta Maathai

To mount pressure against Kenya and other African states inching closer to China.

2003 - Shirine Ebadi

To increase pressure on Iran.

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Ravaging of Africa
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