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Accelerate the decline of France: a duty for the African sovereignists

By Fabien Meledouman
It belongs to the panafricanists and sovereignists as well as to those western freedom fighter and partisan of self-determination of peoples to do everything in their power to accelerate this decline

How are the African French-speaking countries feeling today? Bad, very bad even, from our viewpoint. It is similar, in effect, to this traveler attacked then abandoned half dead by the bandits between Jerusalem and Jericho as this is the case in the parable of the good Samaritan (Luc 10:29-37). To say it differently, it gives the impression of being sentenced to produce only rebellions, coups and wars, in the sense that the crises on the continent never finish, as this was the case in 2013 with the dramatic events of Mali and of the Central African Republic after those of Ivory Coast and Libya. Can anyone pretend to affirm that these interventions of France and the dubious so-called international community have been beneficial to those countries? Nevertheless, François Hollande is travelling there “gratis pro deo” with the intention displaying some kind of positive results of his re-colonial wars on the continent.

The operation “Sangaris” being in progress in the Central African Republic, it is too early to evaluating it. However, the flattering pictures won’t be different from those shocking ones of other countries, if one refers to the viewpoint of the African politicians as stated by the Senegalese Amath Dansokho. In fact, in Mali, while recognizing that France has stopped the advance of the jihadists, these madmen who want to impose their model of society by death and violence, the honorific president of the independence and labor Party (PIT) does not understand the reason why the French authorities protect some armed groups in the north of the country and therefore, wanted to know if the purpose of this protection is not for the creation of a rump State which would allow the exploitation of the vast mineral and energy resources in this area to the detriment of the country.

The all ambiguity of France is – to make believe that the so-called and imaginary “great” nation flies to the rescue of its ex-colonies facing difficulties while in the reality, the disorder and death are sown by this eternal predator, a country of old thugs itself. For example, it should be known, if not yet, that it is by plunging Libya in this chaos that the terrorists could settle in the north of Mali, the neighbour state, with powerful and dangerous weapons taken from Libya. Furthermore, the French authorities seem now not to accept Michel Djotodia because of his policies not suiting the predator France. The point is that, isn’t this same France which encouraged and armed the fighters of Seleka to take over power in Bangui? When the former President François Bozizé asked for assistance to France, François Hollande refused any kind of help. Moreover, who helped the same Bozizé to chase away of power in 2003 Ange-Felix Patassé who was democratically elected president of the Republic in 1993? Of course, there were France and this dubious international community behind it which always “stir up the fire and light it up”.

After committing their acts of arson, they come back on the terrain to play the firemen. All the French leaders and this dubious international community have been playing constantly the main role as arsonists-firemen since centuries in Africa in order to plunder the natural resources of the continent. Unless they pretend, a few African traitors refuse to understand that it is France which has been responsible of all “bullshits” in it ex-colonies, especially in those in Africa where its interests are colossal. They rather blame them by arguing that only Africans are responsible for this situation. But why do they reject the whole blame on their fellow rather than on France and the dubious international community which are indeed killing the Africans? Why do they never criminalize these real culprits? For a simple reason as saying hello - they want to preserve their small interests (wine, cheese and the French visa, the valueless jobs in French companies). Of course, the sons and daughters of this part of Africa are not blameless. Their sins are, among others, the greed, mismanagement, selfishness, tribalism, the non-compliance of the common good, and so on. But the objectivity and honesty dictate to say also that the French-speaking Africa suffers more and first of the French politicians who have never renounced to plunder - via Areva, Total, Bouygues, Bolloré, Orange, France Telecom and other companies - the natural resources and wealth and to interfere in internal affairs of those countries subjugated through arms and economic strangulations.

This interference been nowadays obvious, make some serious western analysts not longer deprive themselves to denounce it aloud. Thus, it is for instance the viewpoint of Fabrice Tarrit, president of the NGO "Survie (survival)", when he deems the summit for peace and security in Africa (6 and 7 December 2013) which took place in the Elysée. In 1998, during a previous Franco-African summit on security, France had announced to change its practices in the area of military cooperation. 15 Years later, its army is as before well positioned in Africa, and most of the dictators of the time are still in power. France’s military interventions continue tracking neither its operations nor its real impact on peace and democracy in these countries concerned. This Assessment would be, without any doubt, damning evidence. And Patrick Farbiaz, spokesman of “Sortir du Colonialisme (out of colonialism)”, to gild: This summit takes place as the negotiation of a law for military convention, which, in the extension of the “Defense White Paper”, foresees the strengthening of the capacity for interventions of the French forces on the continent. In fact, we are witnessing a renewed legitimization of military interference of France which relies on propaganda around operations allegedly carried out in the name of human rights, but which serve in truth the French interests only.

During his presidential campaign, the candidate François Hollande promised to change not only the way of the French’s governing but also the relationships between France and the African countries. More than twenty months after his election, can it be thought that the “Françafrique” has been dismantled? Has the Elysée palace only once closed its doors to the dictators and bloodthirsty at the head of African countries since 20, 25, 30 or 40 years? His minimal inconsequential action done up to yet was to humiliate the president of Congo, Kabila during the fourteenth summit of the “French-speaking” countries in Kinshasa (October 13-14 2012). But what is about Idriss Deby (Chad) and Blaise Compaoré (Burkina Fasso)? Has France stopped supporting them mishandling their own peoples? Not at all! In contrary, France arms them to create distress in those countries in order to have free hand and access to their natural resources and wealth. In Burkina Fasso, for instance, 75 members of the Congress for Democracy and Progress party (CDP) among whom Marc Roch Christian Kaboré, Salif Diallo and Simon Compaoré have slammed the door of the party in power in order to protest against the president’s wish to amend the article 37 of the Constitution, so to allow him to run for another term, the fifth one. It is unlikely that France, which is accustomed to help its African dictators, that is, those who work suitably for its interest on the continent, will abandon he who governs since 1987 after his assassination of Thomas Sankara.

According to Michel Galy, France has intervened militarily 50 times in 50 years in Africa and is the only European country to continue to control and manipulate its former colonies 54 years after the proclamation of their so-called “independence”. For him, these interventions are unthinkable, for example, for Great Britain in Zimbabwe or Kenya. The French political scientist, when judging inadmissible one hundred fifty years of violent military domination and exploitation in its various forms but with similar results, consisting of support of dictatorships or “democratures” skilfully introduced, maintained and praised - concludes his article by placing the French president François Hollande before two options: "enrolling in this anachronistic continuity or assist the concerned to liberate themselves from this imperialist yoke". In our opinion, his country should take the second option because a nation is great, not in dominating “ad vitam aeternam”.

Thus, the Roman annalist Diodorus said: "Not only, in the exercise of sovereignty must one behave gently with those who are of humble condition, but in private life too, one should not be hard with the slaves. For arrogance and hardness engender in the states and among the freemen civil wars, as well as in private life, they produce revolts of slaves again masters, and lead cities to terrible disorders. The more cruel and wicked are the leaders the more fierce in their revenge are the subjects - for he who is by accident born in a low condition willingly left his masters all due honours and glory. But if one is denied the humanity to which (s)he is entitled, (s)he will then revolt against the despots."

Will France unbidden one day have the courage to break from itself to the “Françafrique” as it has always been propagated each time the power is preparing to change leaders? It is not certain that it consents to move from the rhetoric to actions, as its power depends in large part on the filthy lucre that it has been removing illegally from Africa for over five decades after the slavery. But, when we think about the more and more awaken consciousness in Africa and in the diasporas, one may ask if this predatory system is not living its last moments, if the country headed by François Hollande is today economically not "closer” to Spain or Italy than to the United Kingdom or Germany, and if its decline has assuredly already not begun? It belongs to the panafricanists and sovereignists as well as to those western freedom fighter and partisan of self-determination of peoples to do everything in their power to accelerate this decline.

Fabien Meledouman
"Few modifications and corrections have be done by the Pan African Radio Team, both in the French and English article."

Your PanAfrican Radio Team
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